Past Projects

The FAO Afghanistan Office

Project Name: “Combating land degradation and biodiversity loss by promoting sustainable value chains, production systems and biodiversity mainstreaming in Afghanistan’s production landscapes”.
Position: International Sustainable Rangeland/Livestock Management Specialist
Summary: Determining the methods of pastureland management, technical framework and socio-economic tools to be used in the design phase of the FAO pastureland project developed in Afghanistan to combat large scale desertification
Duration: 2020

The FAO Uzbekistan Office

Project Name: Sustainable Management of Forests in Mountain and Valley Areas in Uzbekistan
Position: International Rangeland and Pastureland Consultant
Summary: the preparation of documents to outline a technical, procedural as well as legislatively transformative framework and strategy; the development of a local team; and the establishment of an educational program as well as technical supervision for ministry staff on a project concerning the management of high altitude summer rangelands in Uzbekistan.
Duration: 2019-2020

The FAO Turkey Office

Project Name: Conservation and Sustainable Management of Turkey’s Steppe Project
Position: Rangeland and Grazing Management Consultant
Summary: Preparing documents for the technical, procedural and socio-economic framework and strategy for the transition to sustainably/regeneratively managed grazing in Southeast Turkey through a set of pilot pasturelands, in addition to participating in the design of project activities as well as determining technical details and procedures for the pasturelands.
Duration: 2019-2020

The FAO Turkey Office

Project Name: Agricultural Implications for Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA)
Position: Local Climate Expert
Summary: to be a member of the core team of a project designed to implement and spread the use of methods such as direct drilling/no-till farming, wind turbines, and drought-tolerant seeds in the Konya Basin.
Duration: 2018

Private Farm – Istanbul

Project Name: Grass-fed and regenerative methods in milk production
Position: Consultant
Summary: Land use and grazing plans to facilitate the transition of a farm located within Istanbul city limits to regenerative methods along with support in designing the organizational, managerial/contextual transformation processes and their implementation.
Duration: 2017-2018

The Sarayönü District Department of Agriculture and Forestry & The Sarayönü Agricultural Association

Project Name: Holistic Planned Grazing Pilot Project
Position: Initiator and Consultant
Summary: A pilot program in Konya’s Sarayönü district in collaboration with grazing managers and shepherds on 600 decares of common pastureland that was actualized with zero budget.
Duration: 2016

The AM Implementation Field

Position: Land Manager Partner and sub-entrepreneur/subcontractor
Summary: herd manager and support team for sheep, cattle, goat and chicken initiatives at Anadolu Meraları’s Implementation Field located in the Çanakkale district of Turkey, and that grew in size from 20 to a total of 200 decares while active.
Duration: 2014-2018