Ongoing Projects

Israel – Private Farm

Project Name: Holistic Management and Planned Grazing
Position: Consultant
Summary: technical and administrative consulting for the preparation of a holistic context (methods and strategies), land planning, and a grazing plan for a 2,400 hectare cattle farm during its transition to holistic management and holistic grazing.
Duration: 2021

Egypt – Private Farm

Project Name: Regenerative Agriculture and a Carbon Negative Farm
Position: Technical and Administrative Consultant
Summary: A project aimed at transforming a 330 hectare preexisting, working farm into a carbon negative farm by restructuring it from top to bottom through regenerative agriculture and holistic management. The integration of plant and animal production alongside holistic planned grazing and savannah type land design and its application. Administrative and methodological consultancy.
Duration: 2020 – 2021

Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence Organic Material Detection in Soil

Project Name: Climate-smart certification of Carbon Storage in the Soil
Position: Initiator and Joint Director
Summary: A “big data” programming project that by combining data gathered by remote sensing devices with that of Ecological Verified Outcomes (EOV) from the soil through artificial intelligence and machine learning, will be able to approximate levels of organic matter (Carbon) in the soil, as well as other ecological health indicators, with great accuracy through the use of remote sensing alone. Lidl Sweden has granted 200,000 euros towards the project’s first stage.
Duration: 2020 – 2021

Mongolia – ADRA/Savory Institute

..Project name: Holistic Planned Grazing in Mongolia
Position: Consultant and Educator
Summary: to increase rangeland health and productivity through Holistic Planned Grazing within the pilot region, to implement Ecological Verified Outcomes (EOV) methodologies, and to improve income sources for the beneficiary migrant populations.
Duration: 2020 – 2022

Anadolu Meraları

Accredited training in Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture
(2014 – …)

Savory Institute

Teaching at global online training events
(2020 – …)